The 20 best restaurants on Mallorca

Mallorca has become increasingly important as a gastronomic destination in recent years. Not only is the island known for its enchanting dream beaches and beautiful harbour towns, it is also home to some of the best restaurants in Europe. Whether you want to enjoy simple, traditional Mediterranean dishes or are looking for sophisticated culinary experiments, you are sure to find a restaurant on Mallorca that will exceed your expectations.

Choosing the best restaurants on Mallorca is no easy task - visitors are often overwhelmed by the choice and, ultimately, a lot also depends on your personal preferences.

We have taken on the challenge of introducing you to the best restaurants on Mallorca.

Michelin restaurants

Let's start with the selection of the best Michelin restaurants on Mallorca. Did you know that there are a total of 224 restaurants in Spain that have been awarded the most prestigious star of quality?

So let's start with the selection of our favourite Michelin-starred restaurants on Mallorca.


One of the most recent Michelin Guide-awarded restaurants is Dins Santi Taura, a Palma-based restaurant that offers the best insight into traditional Mallorcan cuisine - even if its founder Santi Taura has put his own stamp on the age-old dishes. Dins Santi Taura is located near the sea, just a few minutes from La Seu Cathedral, the city's landmark.


In the glamorous resort of Deia de Soller is the beautiful restaurant Bens d'Avall. Here you can enjoy spectacular dishes prepared by a father-son duo while admiring the panoramic views offered by the restaurant's privileged location. Tucked away on a cliff overlooking a small turquoise bay, Bens d'Avall has quickly become synonymous with hedonism and relaxation.


When life gets too fast and stressful and you crave a delicious, dinner in a quiet atmosphere, visit Maca de Castro. A romantic and iconic restaurant in the capital of Mallorca. The menu changes every fortnight, so you can always enjoy tasty dishes.


Quetglas' mission is to "democratise haute cuisine", which is reflected in both his menu and his international team. His eponymous restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in 2017. The restaurant is located on Paseo Mallorca in Palma, and the décor is modern and elegant: the floor and tables are made of wood, and the chairs are really comfortable.


Perhaps you have a special occasion in mind? If so, be sure to book a table at this regal restaurant, which owes its appeal to both the refined dishes and the atmosphere of its sophisticated location. Located in the Refectori of the 17th century Hotel Convent de la Missió in Palma's old town, this exclusive restaurant prides itself on an extensive menu. Simplicity and elegance are paramount here. Special emphasis is placed on the use of regional and seasonal products.


When celebrities like Richard Branson, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow visit the picturesque town of Deia, booking a table at this beautiful restaurant is the first priority on their assistants' to-do list. Here you can fully enjoy the picturesque views of the countryside, the rustic but elegant atmosphere and the unique tasting menu.


The scent of sea salt mixed with the aroma of tasty dishes prepared by world-renowned and Michelin-awarded chef Miquel Navarro is a spectacle for all the senses. Located in one of the most spectacular Mallorcan jewels, the St. Regis Mardavall Resort, Es Fum offers a great culinary experience with eclectic cuisine that will satisfy even the most discerning gourmets. Be sure to try the foie gras ravioli - it's to die for!


If the road takes you to Capdepera, a small town known for its historic settlements, some of which date back to the Bronze Age, be sure to visit Andreu Genestra. Andreu Genersta is named after its superstar chef, who took his first steps in the world of gastronomy at the age of just 15 - since then he has been exploring new ways to use refined ingredients that will enchant your palate.


This restaurant in Canyamel has a problem, the food here is served so beautifully that you might be sorry to cut into the dish and ruin the masterpiece of presentation. Artful shapes, colourful edible flowers and creative serving ideas are just part of the ravishing extravagance that Voro has to offer. This restaurant is not suitable for a family meal, it is for adults only and a strict dress code applies.


If you think you've seen it all, come to Zaranda and get ready to be surprised. A new generation restaurant specialising in eclectic fusions of unexpected ingredients, Zaranda is a true spectacle for the palate and the eyes.

The best restaurants by the sea in Mallorca

Now that we have dealt with the Michelin-starred restaurants, we come to the most beautiful restaurants by the sea.


Perhaps you don't feel like leaving the coast to enjoy a delicious meal and are looking for somewhere that offers both spectacular views and tasty dishes. In this case, you could spend a whole day at the Mhares Beach Club, a luxurious place in the azure bay of Puig de Ros in Llucmajor. Here you can relax on Balinese beds, swim in the beautiful large pool and enjoy a delicious paella.


Enjoy the best views of Palma Bay at this chic sea-view restaurant, where the cocktails are almost as good as the food. This hilltop restaurant is a wonderful place to have a romantic dinner while enjoying stunning views.


Another beach club with an upscale restaurant that ensures you can spend your day in a memorable yet relaxing way. The ravishing Purobeach is suitable for everyone - already in the morning, a delicious brunch is provided here for the physical well-being, in the evening, Europe's best DJs provide a special atmosphere, dreamlike sunsets included. Purobeach is a cosmopolitan place with a fabulous menu.


Spend the day with fantastic sea views, splash around in the infinity pool and sunbathe on the large Bali loungers at this hip beach club in Portals Nous. If you linger until the evening, you'll have the chance to dance to the music of the world's best DJs.

The best fusion restaurants on Mallorca

Although some restaurans, like Adrian Quetglas, already offer incredible dishes that combine unexpected blends, some restaurants on Mallorca are giving fusion cuisine a whole new meaning. Here we introduce you to the best fusion cuisine restaurants...


Indulge in the unique flavours of Peruvian cuisine at this trendy Palma restaurant, located in the lively Santa Catalina district. Be sure to try the Tres Ceviches, a triptych of gourmet dishes that will leave you speechless.


Fera's boundary-pushing Mediterranean-Asian cuisine is inspired by chef Simon Petutschnig's love of Japanese flavours, paired with the abundance of seasonal ingredients available in Spain. Fera is an interactive journey of Simon's culinary evolution, focusing on texture, flavour and ingredients. A carefully selected wine list offers the perfect accompanying wine for each dish.


From the outside, Vandal could easily be mistaken for a nightclub, mainly because of the industrial style and colourful graffiti designed by none other than modern artist Enrique del Rio, but Vandal is one of the best restaurants in Europe with dishes of untouchable creativity. Although they specialise in haute cuisine, the atmosphere is very relaxed and lively. Here, each dish is paired with the perfect cocktail or wine to bring out the subtle nuances of the flavours. Be sure to try the Patagonian black hake served with Jerusalem artichoke and sea urchin puree, almond and garlic relish - truly unique.


An upmarket restaurant in Palma de Mallorca, located in the La Lonja building, offering several tasting menus and four separate areas, each with its own ambience. Forn is not only fusion in the sense of culinary experience, but also in the sense of an innovative concept that you won't find anywhere else.


Recipes from all corners of the world are mixed here. Noveno B is a trendy restaurant in Palma, from Cuban delicacies to spicy Korean rice dishes, Noveno B offers a trip around the world in a three-course menu.