20 best restaurants in Mallorca


An island that simply oozes grace and offers an incredible blend of a unique naturalenvironment, pristine beaches and cultural heritage has also gained momentum as agastronomic destination in recent years. Mallorca is already well known for its glittery seas andstunning port towns, but did you know that it also has some of the best restaurants in Europe tooffer as well? Whether you enjoy simple, traditional Mediterranean dishes whose main charm are the fresh ingredients, or you’re looking for intricate culinary experiments, rest assured that you’ll find an eatery that will exceed your expectations.

Choosing the best dining spots in Mallorca is no simple task - visitors are often overwhelmed by options, and afterall, a lot depends on your personal preferences as well.

We took on the challenge of picking the best restaurants in Mallorca for you - let us know if we missed anything in the comment section!

Michelin Restaurants

Let’s start by choosing the best Michelin restaurants in Mallorca. Did you know that Spain has a total of 224 dining options awarded with the most renowned star of quality? And who are we to argue with the most prestigious culinary guide on Earth?
So, we’ll start by choosing our favorite Michelin awarded restaurants in Mallorca.

Dins Santi Taura

One of the restaurants most recently recognized by the Michelin guide is Dins, a Palma-based restaurant that provides the best glimpse into traditional Mallorcan cuisine - although its founder, Santi Taura added his signature twist into age-old meals. Located near the sea, minutes from La Seu cathedral, the most emblematic landmark of the city, Dins Santi Taura is the place you’ll certainly want to rebook several times again.

Bens d'Avall

Mallorca has an incredibly merciful climate that provides the perfect conditions for the cultivation of delicious herbs and spices, and on top of that, its sea is brimming with life. The restaurant in the glamorous resort town, Deia de Soller, chose to reap all the benefits of these natural blessings. Here, you can enjoy spectacular dishes prepared by a father-son-duo, all while admiring the panoramic views that the privileged location of Bens d’Avall provides. Tucked away on a cliff that overlooks a small turquoise cove, Bens d’Avall has quickly become synonymous with hedonism and relaxation.

Maca de Castro

When life gets too fast and exhausting and you’re yearning for a mouthwatering old-fashioned dinner, head to Maca de Castro, a romantic and iconic restaurant in the capital of Mallorca. The menu changes every two weeks, so diners are never tired of the flavoursome plates served in this quite aristocratic Michelin restaurant.

Adrian Quetglas 

Did you think that a Michelin-level experience has to come with an extortionate bill? This restaurant in Palma de Mallorca aims to change that! Democratizing haute cuisine and bringing it to the masses, Adrian Quetglas is truly a place like no other, where you’ll be able to enjoy dishes created from the freshest ingredients and prepared by avantgarde techniques. Treat your taste buds with an unforgettable dinner - everybody deserves to feel the joie de vivre!

Marc Fosh

Maybe you have a special occasion in mind? In that case, make sure to book a table in this regal-looking restaurant that owes its appeal both to refined meals and the old-world atmosphere of its swanky location. Situated in the Refectori of the 17th-century Hotel Convent de la Missió in the historic area of Palma, this chi chi spot prides itself on an extensive menu list, sublime plates of luscious dishes and attentive staff that is never pretentious like in some other places of the same genre.

Es Raco d'es Teix

When celebrities like Richard Branson, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow come to visit the scenic town of Deia, booking a table in this gorgeous restaurant is the first priority on the to-do list of their assistants. Here, you’ll be able to admire the picturesque countryside views, rustic, yet elegant atmosphere and finger licking meal-options that leave nobody indifferent.

Es Fum

Feeling the lingering scent of sea salt mixed with aroma of the sublime dishes prepared by the world-known and Michelin awarded chef, Miquel Navarro, is a spectacle for all the senses. Located in one of the most spectacular Mallorcan gems, St. Regis Mardavall Resort, Es Fum offers a splendid dining experience of eclectic cuisine that will win over even the most discerning of gourmands. Make sure to try the foie-gras ravioli - they are to die for!

Andreu Genestra

If the road takes you to Capdepera, a small town famous for its historic settlements some of which date back to the Bronze Age, make sure to visit this astounding restaurant that presents the best of Mallorcan culinary alchemy in divine surroundings. Andreu Genersta is named after its superstar chef, who took his first steps into the world of hospitality at only 15 years old - ever since, he’s been exploring new ways to use refined ingredients that will leave your palette simply spellbound.


The only problem with this Canyamel-based restaurant is that the food is served so beautifully you might feel sorry to cut into the dish and ruin the masterpiece of presentation. Artful shapes and forms, colorful edible flowers and creative serving ideas are just a part of the ravishing extravaganza Voro has to offer. Keep in mind that this is an adult-only establishment where dressing up is a must and is thus a better option for a romantic occasion and business meeting rather than a family lunch.


If you think you’ve seen everything, come to Zaranda and get ready to be surprised. A restaurant that dwells in eclectic fusions of unexpected ingredients, Zaranda is a new- generation restaurant that is a real spectacle for both the taste buds and the eyes. When in Palma, don’t miss out on their sublime Mallorca oyster, served with caviar, horseradish and pickled pearls.

Best sea-side restaurants in Mallorca

Now that we’ve covered the Michelin-star restaurants, let’s move on to the best places to fill up on in between swims.

Mhares Beach Club

Perhaps you don’t feel like leaving the beach to enjoy a handsome meal and are looking for a place that provides both spectacular views and palatable dishes. If so, you could spend an entire day in Mhares Beach Club, a luxurious spot in the azure cove of Puid de Mar. Here, you can laze around on balinese beds, wash off the salt in a huge pool, and recharge your batteries with a delicious paella that will help you continue your sun-hunting adventure.

Kaskai Restaurant

Enjoy the best views of the Palma bay in this chic sea-view restaurant where the cocktails are almost as good as the food. This hilltop eaterie is a wonderful place to enjoy a romantic dinner, and the vistas will leave you breathless!

Purobeach Illetas Beachclub

Another beach club with an upscale restaurant that will ensure your day is spent in the most memorable, yet relaxing way, Purobeach is a cosmopolitan spot where you can rub shoulders with celebrities while pairing your inked rice with some cool champagne.


A classic choice that you can never go wrong with - Rocamar restaurant is a timeless place ideal for both family dinners and amorous encounters that prides itself on incomparable seafood and gorgeous sunsets over Port D’Andratx.

UM Strandhaus

Spend the day indulging in fantastic sea views, splashing around in the eternity pool and sun- soaking on large Bali beds of this hip Portals Nous beach club. If you linger til the evening, you’ll get the chance to dance to the sets of the world’s best DJs.

Best fusion restaurants in Mallorca

Although some of the places we’ve covered, namely Adrian Quetglas, already offer incredible dishes that connect unexpected mixes, some restaurants in Mallorca really give fusion-cooking a whole new meaning. Let’s see which ones...


Surrender to the unique flavors of Peruvian cuisine in this trendy Palma restaurant, located in the bustling Santa Catalina neighborhood. Make sure to try the tres ceviches, a triptych of gourmet dishes that will leave you speechless.


Praised by Conde Nast, this Palma-based restaurant connects the Japanese cooking philosophy with the irresistible flavors of Mediterranean ingredients. Make sure to try the “sea in a shell”, a love triangle of oysters, yuzu and sea plankton.


Looking from outside, you could easily confuse Vandal for a nightclub, mostly because of the industrial style and colorful graffiti crafted by no other than modern artist Enrique del Rio, but Vandal is one of the finest restaurants in Europe with dishes of unmatched creativity. Even though they specialize in haute cuisine, the atmosphere is quite relaxed and lively. Here, each dish is paired with the perfect cocktail or wine to bring out the fine nuances of the aromas. Make sure to try the Patagonian black hake served with Jerusalem Artichoke and sea urchin air puree, almond, and garlic relish - it’s really outstanding.

Forn de Sant Juan

An upmarket restaurant in Palma de Mallorca, located in the La Nonja building, that provides several tasting menus and four separate areas each with a distinct ambiance, Forn is not just fusion in the sense of dining, but also in the sense of an innovative concept you are unlike to find anywhere else.

Noveno B

When you’re in the mood for a casual, yet magnificent lunch that blends recipes from all corners of the world and ties them into a unique, yet unpretentious concept, head to this trendy Palma restaurant. From Cuban delicacies to the piquant Korean rice dishes, Noveno B provides a trip around the world in a three course meal.

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