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The largest Balearic island boasts outstanding beauty, translucent sparkly coasts, clear blue coves and mesmerizing nature. Wherever you’re staying in Mallorca, you’ll never be too far from a beach - some days you might feel like surrendering to the quiet virgin oasis, dozens of which you’ll find scattered across the coasts, others, you might feel a bit more social or simply too lazy to bring your own water bottles and towels. Just as glamorous as St. Tropez, but much more family friendly, Mallorca is the favorite summer destination for those who appreciate under the radar extravaganza, although, you’ll find extremely ritzy spots where you can go all out. Mallorca truly is the shiniest pearl of the Mediterranean, which encapsulates the Spanish easy- living philosophy, while offering a rich historical and cultural heritage, sublime delicacies and gorgeous spots where you can cool off from the summer heat.

The Mallorcans are known for their hospitality, and the best way to experience it in full glory is by visiting one of the best beach clubs. The residents of this stunning island have taken the beach club concept to a whole new level, so you’ll find a myriad of fabulous seaside spots to fit every preference you might have. From ultra posh places where Krug champagne is consumed instead of water, to those whose main focus is to help families with children relax and entertain little ones, here is our list of the best beach clubs you’ll find in this alluring Balearic gem.

Best Beach Clubs in Palma de Mallorca:

Purobeach Palma

If you’re tight on time, but want to enjoy a privileged beach day without leaving the capital, head to Purobeach in Palma. The first of the franchize to open in Spain in June 2005, this beach club has quickly become synonymous with elite-mingling in the summer heat. The ravishing Purobeach caters to visitors of any preference - come early for a delicious brunch and full day of sun-soaking or linger ‘til sunset for an energy boost to the beats of Europe’s best DJs. Those who are yearning to destress will love a soothing massage by the sea: no words can describe the feeling you’ll have after a day of bronzing and snorkeling followed by a wellness treatment by the specialists from this hip spot just minutes from Palma’s historic centre. After all the accumulated tension leaves your body, treat yourself to a pungent dinner at the suave terrace restaurant. Even though the club has 135 beach beds and 5 seaside balinese beds, it’s always a good idea to book in advance. It’s also worth noting that kids are welcome here, even though it wasn’t necessarily envisioned as a family-oriented spot.


Another fabulous Palma beach club, just minutes away from the center, Anima offers the same allure as Purobeach, but has a quirkier design that makes it pretty unique. Super stylish and both luxe and laid back, Anima connects the best of traditional Balearic charms with modern trends that dictate the contrasts of ornate simplicity. Located on the Ca’n Pere Antoni beach, Anima has an exceptional location that allows visitors to admire the calming seas while also catching a glimpse of the iconic La Seu cathedral. The mouthwatering dishes make Anima worth a visit even during the winter months, while in peak season, you should definitely check their website to learn more about the fun events the Beach club often hosts.

Assaona Gastro Beach

The taupe palette, wicker furniture, uninterrupted vistas that reach every important landmark in the capital, and more-formal menu options give Assaona Beach Bar a more restaurant-y vibe than Anima and Purobeach offer. While the two focus mainly on giving you the premium beach experience, the gorgeous Assaona perceives its blue surroundings as merely a pleasant side effect. Instead, the leading role of popular summer stop is the food, created in such an artful way that even the most picky of foodies are left speechless after a starling course prepared by the virtuoso chefs. Try the black cod with lentils or the angus burgers - although you won't go wrong if you decide on a lobster roll either. The dessert options are almost overwhelming, but the acai ice cream is a crowd pleaser that never disappoints.

Every Sunday is a special occasion at Assaona Gastro Beach, when you can dance the calories away to the music played by worldwide DJs known to create quite an atmosphere each week.

Best Party Beach Clubs:

Nikki Beach

For those looking to let their hair down and enjoy a Gatsby-esque day party accompanied by top-shelf cocktails and music from the most reputable performers, there really is no better place than the stylish Nikki Beach Club. Less than half an hour away from the capital, Nikki is the ideal place to practice your dance moves. Instead of a dance floor, you’ll use the soft alabaster sand! When you’re ready for a swim, you can choose between the limpid seas and the endless pool, while fashionable visitors might want to test out one of the seaside beauty treatments or hunt new pieces at the Nikki Lifestyle Boutique. The beach club is very popular amongst yachties, who love the convenience of a complementary zodiac pick up provided by the seaside establishment. When all that dancing and swimming leaves you hungry, you can dine indoors or by the waves - the food almost deserves a Michelin star. As for little ones, they’re allowed in the restaurant until 4pm - Nikki is more oriented toward young people and the hip scene of falks coming to turn the heat to the max, rather than families.

UM Beach Club

The Mallorcan club that very much resembles “it” spots of Tulum where the concept of party- spirituality is highly adopted, UM Beach Club prides itself on a trendy setting that aims to please each need your soul might have. The food? Delicious, but also healthy. The beats? Contagious, but you won't recognize them, since the club has its own record company. The looks? Awe- inspiring and natural, or dare we say, organic. The club often partakes in humanitarian causes and supports small businesses by selling handmade goods worn by their loyal visitors that the establishment refers to as “U Circle”. UM is also the best pick on the list for those with food intolerances or vegans, since the wide list of options on the menu caters to everyone. Try the unexpectedly good pairing of the plant-based buddha bowl or burger and good ol’ Veuve Clicquot, or try the finger licking tuna tataki, and shave off the calories with a refreshing swim in the stylish pool. You’ll see the Burning Man crowd resting on the balinese beds and the latest employees of world wide modeling agencies. UM Beach is a unique concept in Mallorca, one that will probably have you coming back for more soon.

The chicest Beach Clubs in Mallorca

Gran Follies

If you’re coming to Mallorca to admire the signature old-world Mediterranean elegance while soaking up the healing sunshine, there’s no better place to do it than this timelessly sophisticated beach club in Magaluf. Located in Cala Lamp, an electric blue cove that preserved an authentic Mallorcan identity in spite of growing tourism on the island, Gran Folies is an iconic place that oozes that beloved dolce vita appeal. Perfect for those looking to escape the Instagram-obsessed crowds, Gran Folies has a more private feel to it than other clubs that made this list. The views, though, are well worth the picture - the club is jutted high on a cliff that was born as a consequence of sea erosion and thanks to its altitude, the views from the terrace are simply breathtaking, as the beach is perfectly juxtaposed with the ochre-hued stones. Cool off in the salty waves or the large swimming pool and refresh with a colorful cocktail whisked up by the attentive staff at the bar. The restaurant is perfect for any special occasion and, even though most foodies are taken-aback by the big menu, the food is simply spectacular - from the pad thai to the paellas, each dish is prepared in the most informed manner.

Mhares Sea Club

Built from the same stone used for the La Seu cathedral, Mhares is a true architectural gem stranded in a privileged location. Quintessentially Mallorcan, Mhares perfectly embodies the laid-back lifestyle of the islanders and offers the perfect glimpse into the best of what the Balearics have to brag about. Here, you’ll get the best views of the aquamarine seas from the numerous balinese beds, alchemic cocktails, delicious food and the chance to swim in one of the best pools in the region. Each detail of the establishment is clearly well thought of - nothing was left to chance when this oasis was designed. The meal options will satisfy any gourmand - from caviar embellished tartars, to the basil-infused shrimps, each dish is a small masterpiece on a plate. The sunsets at Mhares are truly out of the ordinary and will wash over you with a zen-inducing vibe that will give you energy for any tasks ahead of you once your day-getaway is over.

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